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New Brand of Dog Food – Packaging

By 23rd February 2019 No Comments
Bracken's Choice Sports Chicken Sleeve 2019

Just gone to print is a New Brand of Dog Food Bracken’s Choice that we have just designed the packaging for. We have been working for the pet sector for while and it was nice to be asked to create a Dog Food brand for Trust Pet Products Limited.

Bracken’s Choice Working & Sporting Dog Range

This range is the cheaper of the two which uses it packaging design to reflect – simpler but still a quality style.

Brackens Choice Sports Chicken
Brackens Choice Sports Lamb
Brackens Choice Sports Turkey

Bracken’s Choice Range

This range is the premium of the two which uses a more colourful up-market look and feel.

Bracken's Choice Chicken
Bracken's Choice Lamb
Bracken's Choice Turkey
Bracken's Choice Dog Food
Bracken's Choice Dog Food
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